Help is our motto A good counsel is worth than a good lawsuit

We are legal advisers with extensive experience, and we are here to help you

We give our counsels in French or English.

Contracts and other documents are also written in both French and English.


Our expertise is not limited only to Belgian law, far from it. Specialist in comparative law, we are equipped to intervene in countries practicing civil law or common law.


In terms of international trade, most matters are regulated through International Treaties.

It is the same in Europe where European Directives are becoming increasingly important.

We master both fields.


International Legal Counsel


INLAS has many collaborators, both in Belgium and abroad, each one being expert in a specific area. We are working with leading lawyers, to provide the best support with the utmost efficiency.

EFFICIENCY is what does guide our action.


The team is led by Mr. HOUYOUX, famous jurist.

1974, At Free Brussels University, Brussels, Belgium, he obtained his Master in Law (with distinction). Then with a Scholarship from the Wiener-Anspach Foundation, he obtained at Trinity College, Cambridge, UK, the Diploma in Comparative Legal Studies.

The subject of his thesis: Comparative law on the suspect period just coming before the bankruptcy.

He continues his British adventure as English Junior Solicitor at COWARD CHANCE, SOLICITORS in London.

Appointed research assistant at the center of private law at the Free Brussels University, he enrolled at the Bar where he specializes in commercial law, business law, private international law, so he is often required to be provide his advice to abroad (Congo, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Jordan, Liberia, the United Kingdom, Tunisia).

He continued his training at the Catholic Institute of Business Studies (ICHEC, Brussels) (tax Sciences), and in 1989/1990, he completed his training at CEPAC third cycle Solvay Business School, Free University of Brussels,(Business Management).

While being a lawyer, he was appointed judge of the Appeal Committee of the Professional Belgian Cinematography Chamber.

In 1991, after having negotiated with success with the Government of Liberia the funding of the Liberian Oil and Gas Corporation, on behalf of a large Dutch group, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors, by Dr. SAWYER, President of the Republic. This appointment has been ratified by Parliament and published in the Official Journal of Liberia.

At the head of INLAS, he brings his expertise and support to the success of sensitive issues that emerged from the fields of law such as: Business Law, Company law, Labour Law, Commercial and Commercial International Law, Corporate and Fiscal Law.



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Privacy Policy

We guarantee on our behalf and on behalf of our assistants, that all the information that we receive during our missions are treated with complete confidentiality.

This confidentiality covers the identity of our clients and the content of all messages, correspondence, conversations and writings, whether they emanate from us or not and which we are aware to the needs of our mission.

This commitment is necessary, because without strict observance of confidentiality, we can not carry out and effectively the mission our clients entrust to us.